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Traumatic Brain Injury

What is a TBI (traumatic brain injury)?


Simply put - it is when you hit your head so hard, nothing seems to work right; or your memory and brain functions are all foggy; or you're screaming and hollering for no apparent reason. Or you have constant pain that seems a bit extreme.

In more scientific terms - it is when one bone no longer matches the one below it (on the surfaces where they are supposed to be precisely matched) and subsequently, the nerves between them are crushed or stretched. This is a temporary problem (whether for days or years) and can be fixed.

As you can see from this picture, each vertebrae must line up with the one below it, from the skull on down to the tailbone. If they do not precisely line up, the spinal cord (that big ropy thing down the middle) will end up kinked and twisted. This IS NOT what you want. Each of the individual nerves has a much higher percentage of working correctly if it's pathway is smooth and uninterrupted. When you consider the several billion nerves involved, that's asking a lot.

And the slightest trauma can cause the bones to slip and slide on each other to the point of no return. In that case, a skilled Upper Cervical Chiropractor with precision analysis is the only one who can help. I mean sure, it's possible, to have the spine magically slip back into place when hit with a hammer, but that will happen approximately as reliably as the case of monkey spontaneously writing Romeo and Juliet when 1,000,000 monkeys are sitting at computers typing away. In other words - possible, but not too likely.


But when an Upper Cervical Chiropractor makes the analysis, and aligns the spine, BINGO! Suddenly it is back where it was before the accident. Of course, it's not quite that easy and uncomplicated, but that's the basic idea. And once the spinal cord is back where it's supposed to be anything is possible. Take the example of Dr. Dorrin. She had a complicated birth and her nerves leaving the brain were twisted from day 1. No one ever realized there was a problem because one of the indicators is pain. She never experienced pain, so no one realized there was anything wrong. There were dysfunctions galore, but no clear indication that the spine wasn't lined up right. She never saw 3-dimensionally, but growing up in that state, she knew nothing else. When she was in her 20's, she was hit by a truck as a pedestrian. After a couple years in the hospital, she escaped back to Central America (where the accident happened as part of her Peace Corps service.) She met the one Chiropractor in the country and decided what he did was great. She went to Chiropractic School where she met her husband who dragged her to an Upper Cervical Doctor. After the initial adjustment which cleared the fog she's been living with for 5 years, she woke up one morning, nine months later, seeing 3-D!!! LIKE WOW, MAN!!!

For 2 days she lay in bed, trying to figure out what was happening. Never having the experience before, or the years of practice most people have, she couldn't maintain the new way of seeing, but once in while a vision come in 3-dimensions. It's always shocking. That's a clear case of TBI. But, then so is that of the other doctor in the office, Dr. Bob.


He was in an accident when he was 10 years old. Their car was hit by a drunk driver. In the accident, his head was propelled forward into the dashboard knob on the front panel of the Chevy. There were no seatbelts in 1955, so the knob went through his skull. In the emergency room, they repaired his head, but none of the medical Doctors realized that a force that great was bound to damage his skull/neck connection. He had low back pain and sciatica for most of his life, but in light of what happened, no one questioned his experience. 35 years later, in Chiropractic School, he was exposed to the Blair work.

His spine was found to be misaligned at the 2nd bone down (the Axis) in a way that most Chiropractic techniques do not recognize. When that was fixed, his sciatica and low back pain disappeared for good (until he needed readjusting). However, the problem was not isolated to C2, a problem was also found at C1. When his Atlas is adjusted, he becomes a nice person. This was almost unheard of for the screaming, yelling, man that he was prone to be on occasion. Now, whenever, his temper gets unmanageable, his wife throws him down on the adjusting table.

So Upper Cervical subluxations can take a variety of forms, BUT THEY CAN ALL BE FIXED to some extent!

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